I Like Girls
40 pages
Wait... I'm... I'm gay? When did that happen? How do I tell my mom??

DAR: A Super-Girly Top-Secret Comic Diary
Weekly autobiography stuff from everyone's favorite lesbo-moron.

The Leaf Project

My final project for a class wanting a response to life, death, and art. Ooo, look, I'm a snotty college art student!

La Coccinelle
By Victor Hugo
So the French language, y'know I love it.

6 Pages
Co-written and co-drawn by while I visited her in New York.

Yes, it is a true story.

I Can Let You Go
More angst!

Missing You
Seven Pages
Angst-comic AHOY.

The refrain from the French song of the same title.

The Easy Bake Oven
Four Pages
God messed with the wrong six year old.

Wordless Poem
A little visual rambling for my girlfriend at the time, Marni

Check One
Seven Pages
How do you categorize someone who isn't straight, bi, or gay?

Eleven Pages
While going out with my girlfriend at the time, nearly everyone we knew (friends, strangers, family) wanted to know "Which one's the boy?". Finally, my reply!

Shared Hit
Pass it to the left, bro.

Contrary to popular belief, that is a strip of paper that she picks up, not a worm.

Coffee to Go
15 Pages
Two high school seniors trying to figure out what to do with their lives.

A Love Ditty for Marni
5 Pages
Another visual poem for my girlfriend at the time-- hey man, that's what she GETS for dating an artist.

Autobiography Comic
Former biography I was using on the site around tenth grade.
Suffocating Boobies
Ever have one of those days...? Y'know, when your breasts get all claustrophobic...? And then they're yelling and everyone is staring at you...?
To Shave Or Not...
Dude, everyone gives me so much shit about my fucking body hair.
and I met each other in New York and after a couple days together drew this visual summary of our adventures together.
Lyrics from "Tainted Love"
Tampon Shopping
Just what the title says, kids.
Why Am I Alone?
Emo emo emo.
Burrito SmackDOWN!
This is what I do every time my family eats at Jalisco. Every. Time.

Keep Your Ugly To Yourself