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Commence Gratuitus Drooling

Aimee Major's Gallery
Beautiful art from an animation major. Got to love her harem of characters ;)

Anya Schwartz
Beautiful, feminine, stylishly yummy art. ::sigh:: I think I'm in luv.

Begin's Page of Stuff
Fuck, man. Since 1998 I've absolutely ADORED Bevin's art. It's... really fucking beautiful. And FUNNY. The girl's hilarious. And talanted. And And And. Fuuuuuuuck. Annnnnnnd. Fuuuuuuuuuck. Annnnnnnnnd. fuuuuu-
[We interrupt this desciption because... because it sucks. Ignore the author's writing and just visit the page]

Bolt City*
Oh man. I don't even know what to say about Kazu's work, it really strikes a cord with me. Especially his Copper comic series. Y'know how you look at his stuff and you just wanna hug him? Yeah.

Bring on the Funk, please*
Love the way she draws people and colors, it's so goddamn pretty.

Candy Palmer's Art Haven
Wow, Candy has been absolutely artistically inspirational to me for about three-ish years. One of my favorite artists.

Chaotic Harmony: Raving the World 24/7
Melanie is so freakin spiffy >:) She's a PORN STAR, baby!! MuaHaHa! She's got some way freekin sexy characters (Helloooooooo DRAKKA!) and, well, dammit! just go look. She's cool. Trust me.

Collected Tears of the Weeping Nivbed
Scarily good art. Yow.

Cornerstone Comics
Todd Webb is a very talanted comic writer. Trust me. Oo!Oo! Everyone, go read The Stockboy! Oh, and he put up a picture I drew of Connor in his "Reader Art" section, so that makes him doubly cool.

David Gaddis
He owns you. His comics are brilliant. My words do him no justice. I'd become his personal luv monkey, except that'd land him in jail in most states. If you're over the age of 18 give him the non-jailbait love he so readily deserves.

Enrico Casarosa's Portfolio and Sketchbook
You want sexy, lithe, nymph-y girls? You got'em RIGHT HERE.

Beautiful, delicate, elegant pen drawings. Absolutely gorgeous.

Hiccups v1.0
Very cute page

Icefox Studios *
Oh my lord, I just sneezed twice, very enormously, as I started to write this blurb. This is very fitting, see as not only does sneezing feel fabulous, but Karen herself is fabulous. Not only is she absolutely warm and squishy and huggable, but ohmygoodlord that girl is a fucking artiste. Her watercolors are fucking swoon worthy, my friend. Swoom worthy. So yes, go look!!

If Only
Absolutely adorable colorful girls over here, totally.

Illustrated Goats*
Very--no--extremely talanted young artist girl.
I. hate. her.
Granted, I hate all people with better mad drawrin skillz then I.

Impossible Gallery*
Next on our tour is a ArtisticmusShorticusBabeimus, or for those not fluent in Latin, a cute art chick. Please, no flash photography. Obseve the cute art chick's natural habitation--the webpage--and how she has put on display what we like to call 'damn spiffy art' (that's a technical term, mind you). Excuse me sir, I requested no flash photography. Now see the stylization which she has used, it is perfectly normal to be experiencing the complex emotion we like to call 'ooooooooh. that looks spiiiiiiiiiffy' (Again, more technical terms. I hope we're not going over your heads.). Sir, I've already requested you to stop with the photography, protocol now demands I dopeslap you upside the head. Now, moving right along....

In all seriousness, she is an incredible inspiration to me. Her artwork, stories, and sense of humor are keenly sharp.

Iron Circus*
Dear Spike,
I think you're really, really neat. I also kinda fear you, what with your scarysmart brain.
Love, Erika

Jamaica Online
Jamaica's a kick ass bitch; being fun and nifty and an arteest ta boot.

Kris Dresen Illustration and Comics*
She draws lovely, lovely black and white comics like it ain't no thang. Let's just not mention my raging crush on her, kay? Kay.

little rocket
Lush art with a dash of quirky weird.

Sexy goats! Devil studs! Lickable color work! Why, I'd say this page has it all, if it weren't for that horrendous lack of SATAN'S PANTIES. Get with the program, girl, and give us some underwear goodness!
Really, she does jawdropping illustrations that inspire much drooling from me. Eyecandy in its purest form.

Poor Livera
This girl does fahrking awesome sculptures, they look like they belong in a Tim Burton movie. If the comic Lenore is ever turned into a stop-motion animation a la "Nightmare Before Christmas" then, dude, she should SO be hired to make models for it. Totally.
pst, she is really cute but you didn't hear it from me.

OooOoooOoo, spiiiiify art.

Ryan... on display
Heheheheh! What do you get when you add a little bit o writing, a dash of art, and jussssssst a PINCH of really tall dude? Beats tha hell outta me and who put SQUIRRELS in my shorts again, dammit?!?! Ryan's cool. Love him. Because I say so.

He's a genius. Don't even try to pretend you haven't heard of him or agree with me.

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
Oh wow... Just....Ooooooooh wow.

Solid, ass-kicking art. It's very testosteron-y and fun.
Gawdammit, I'm always popping my knuckles. Stop it, Erika! BAD!

Adopt me. Please? No, marry me. Pretty pretty pretty please???

the Swerve
Quirky, cute drawings. They make me smile.
:) <--see? No lie!

Maaaaaan. If there's ONE artist who's cartoon chicks could come alive, I wish it were his. WoooEE. Break me off a piece o dat Tandi girl. WAHG! And he was an ANIMATOR for Roger Rabbit (My all time favorite toon)! If I proposed ever-so-nicely do you think he'd marry me?

After much practice, I can now type in this URL as it's supposed to be written, instead of 'thingwithwings.com' like I keep wanting to. Wings... Feathers... CAN YOU BLAME MY NATURAL INCLINATION? No, I really do not think so.
Another thing I do not think: That anybody is as lovely an artist as Hope. Well, I mean, maybe. But damn, that girl is ridiculously talanted and clever--a frightening combination.

tourniquet *
Holy fuck and hold the bologna. Vera's artwork is simply breath-taking. No. It's not 'simply breath-taking'. It's 'punch you in the gut and knock the wind out of you' fabulous. Go look. Dylan, Kevin and I regularly have bitch fests about how unfair it is that one person can have so much talent. [insert dirty scowl]

Tripshot Press *
Kim Arndt is an amazing artist. Her stuff just rocks my socks and they're oh-so lickable.

Oh my god. This girl. This girl... she draws so well and in such an enormous quantity. There is ALWAYS eyecandy over on this site, so please do check it out.

World of Al*
...You know, there's a REASON I have this 'retard' sign taped to my back. Yet again, another website that I visit religiously, adore, and forgot to link to. ::smackage of head::
Ali does these pictures that just... sparkle with personality. Yes. She's a wonderfully creative hen with a bouncing personality. Her style is original and always evolving. And y'know what else? I EAT BUNNIES! --No, shit!, I mean she's full of talant like being able to design this wide range of websites and they're all indivudually unique and intriiiiiiiging. Yes.
[subliminal message] her boyfriend is uber cute [/subliminal message]

She does some awsome CGs and neato finito drawings. Fun, original, stuff. Plus I think she's cute. shh, it'll be our little secret.

Comics and Cartoons
YAY! They make me a better person.

Acide Zen Wonder Paint*
Dude. It's brilliant. I mean, I don't think I've ever read a strip that didn't make me at least giggle. Normally I burst out laughing. I mean, really. Brilliant

Anne Frank Conquers Moon Nazis*
Bill's wonderfully zany and offensive (in the good way) story about the reincarnation of everyone's favorite Halocaust Sweet Heart, Anne Frank. She's back to battle the evil Walt Disney clone. Tune in for thrills! and chills!!

Argon Zark!
Poot! Is first on-line comic! Good! Pretty! Zark! Go see! Or I punch you in the nose!

Beekeeper Cartoon Amusements*
Thus far Jason Little has been safe from my mad leg-humping, but don't get cocky, sir. Ooooooh, ho. Just you wait. Juuuuuuust you waaaaaaaaait.
He's a faboo storyteller and artist. Shutterbug Follies is one of my all time favorite comics.

Bite Me *
I LOVE THIS COMIC. Dylan writes it and I just looooooooooove it, the art is excellent and the humor top notch. Huzzah!

Fucking hilarious. Hair flicks, Shel, hair flicks!

Boooooooone. First real comic I ever started reading. Jeff Smith is, like, my idol man. I did a freakin reliquary and essay on him last year.

Bruno *
Lord, this single panel daily comic has inspired me in so many ways... It's, it's helped me be a better person. And if it weren't for the fact that I'm a happy person, I'd wanna be just like Bruno when I grow up. Plus her exboyfriend is a hottie-pants.

Oh my lordy, a great big epic adventure that's positively gorgeous.

Chickweek Lane*
Scrumptious art and... christ. It's hilarious. I laugh out loud. I bite my nails, too.

Cornerstone Comics The many comics of Todd Webb! He has a wide variety to read through (My fav is Stockboy) and then his ever-popular auto-bio comic. Check him out, dudes and ettes.

Demian 5*
Absolutely fucking BRILLIANT. There's no words and I promise you'll laugh out loud.

Jenn is a master comiker. Right off the bat her drawings pull you in with their delicate lines and... life. Her drawings are really human. ...Maybe that only makes sense to me. ...Eh. ANYWAY. More than that, she's a gifted writer, gives a nice, natural flow to all the dialoge. A total favorite of mine.

Diesel Sweeties*
Oh man, it's beautiful-- not to mention insanely funny. A WINNING COMBINATION.

electric sheep comix*
Patrick pushes the envelope with online comics tew tha MAXX. He's got an incredibly diverse body of quality work, just look around. He's done some amazing things.

Alison's very moody and elegant comic in greyscale. It's about a human-like cat trying to figure out her background.

A wide assortment of comics are contained here-- including MINE. So, y'know, why don't you go take a look and in the process of which get me paid? Yeah, see, you know it's a good idea.

The Journal Comic*
Drew has the best journal comic I've ever read. He masterfully turns even the most mundane situation in something that makes even this stone-hearted viewer laugh. Drew backwards is Werd. And that's how I'll end this blurb. WERD.

Knights of the Shroud
This is the very gorey tale of a band of Robin Hood-y women in a medieval forest. It's very well done and passionate. Matt is a master inker, his details, textures, and nuances will just blow your mind. I love how the comic progresses from being sketchy pencil work to polished pencil work to fully inked, it's a fun transition to watch. He does fantastic faces. Besides, he's just cool. Accept it.

Life with Leslie*
An auto-bio comic, illlustrated with very lovely, loose feeling linework. It's like he just draws straight from his pen, no pre-pencil planning before hand. He reports very honestly what it's like to be recovering from depression.

Lil Mel and Sergio*
Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawk. This is the fantabulous comic by both Vera AND Shaenon-- How can you possibly loose?!?!?! It's the energetic story of insane Mel and brilliant Sergio as the go through first grade. Oh my lordy. I really can't say enough good things about it.

Doctor Narbon, the cutest evil genius ever. This is a ghetto fabuloso daily strip about the (mis)adventures Narbon and her crew encounter while trying to accomplish evil (oh so very evil!) plans and general bad guy wot-not. Shaenon is a possitively witty writer and an absolutely lovely person.

Nowhere Girl
A very elegant, passionate comic about a confused girl coming to terms with her sexuality.

Penny Dreadful
Check out Dan's loopily fun comics, dey's is zany. He even did a whole comic about rude bananas-- JUST FOR ME. This earned him 1,000 points in my book, natch.

Random Frog Children*
Two comics drawn by... TWO guys! Woo! They're drawn by local Seattle dudes and are booty funny. Booty. They make me laugh out loud. And my French teacher thinks Kevin is a hottie. Booyah.

Return to Sender*
Beautiful, beautiful comic by the insiduously evil Vera. It's so cool. I mean, c'mon, she's put not only my friends, but ME as well into it as cameos. If that's not proof of their innate coolness I just... I just don't know what is. It's funny, gorgeous, and a brilliant comic. READ IT.

Sabrina *
Sexy skunks and squirels! Laffs! Computers! Pretty pictures! Sex! All this tied into one spiffy comic! YAYAYAY!

Scary Go Round*
By John Allison, of Bobbins fame. He's doing marvelous work in this new comic format. At first I was convinced I wouldn't enjoy SGR since it wasn't Bobbins and was in somewhat different style than he used to use. But that was ridiculous, because his latest work is just wonderful. Mmm. Purrrrr.

Schoolbooks and Brimstone
Very, VERY pretty comic with great designs and a whacked out sense of humor. It r0xx0rs.

You want cracked out comics? BABY, YOU GOT IT.
Personal recomendations: True Loves, Bell's Home Journal, Pup, Half Empty, Red Eye, Black Eye, and Monster Parade.

Small Stories - Comics To Make Love To*
Brilliant, lovely, autobiographical-y comics. There's a wide range of what he does, but they all are told with a very honest, direct, real storytelling. Faboo. Plus, Derek Kirk is emo. Nuff said.

Strings of Fate*
Definately the most sexily deliscious webcomic. Ever. Period. It's beautifully drawn with great layouts and a complex story about the Chinese Zodiac. Grah. Goooooorgeous. ::has its babies::

I think I'm turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese, turning Japanese.

And now for the BEST SITE OF THEM ALL!!