Stumptown Comics Fest 2004!

[Witty intro about how much fun the fest was, how lovely Jenn and Kip are as hosts, how much I hate Bill, and how disgustingly adorable Chris and Bethanne are together.]

Bill, Kevin, Bethanne, and Chris being put to the "Clap Your Hands if You Want to Save Tinkerbell's Life" test.

Bill and Chris are murderers.

Is this a photo of Jenn caught innocently mid-blink... OR IS SHE ACTUALLY REELING FROM A STEALTHY GOOSING FROM YOURS TRULY?
The world may never know...

Just for the record, I totally whupped Kip's ass in both pool and Centipede.
Just for the record, he's a totally sore loser and now he owes me lots of money.
Just for the record, Kip only wishes he were as young and clever as me.

(I am, of course, blatantly lying. Kip can and does kick my sad tush up the street and back in all regards)

I taught Bethanne how to make little origami stars.

Bethanna taught me to never again pass on that knowledge.

Insanely talanted and cross-hatching genius Alexis lets me get a picture with him.
Neither Alexis nor I support the use of recreational drugs.

Artist Battles!
Cartoonists! FIGHTING! --in the only way that they can, through MANLY, MANLY DRAWINGS!

I don't remember which cartoonist officially won this round, but in my heart the background organ is totally the winner.

Look! I'm on the left!
Look! I'm... in a church? Whoah.
That hasn't happened for a couple years, Itellyouwhat.

Check it out, mes amis, as I put the ASS in SASSY. Let's get a closer look, shall we:
Ass-i-tude is not taught, it just simply is.
Kind of like the way my underwear always rides up higher than my pants.

For the record, my team won.

And that actually isn't a lie.

OhmyfuckingChrist, that girl with the pink hair?
Illegally cute.

She came by the table Jenn was sharing with me and I was totally too shy to say a word to her. So I was all 'Well, I guess our love shall be a silent one, where we adore each other from across the room without ever learning the other's name.' --until I saw her giggling and cuddling with some other hussy that I can only take to be her girlfriend.

PinkHaired Lady? Thanks for breaking my heart.



Bill and I totally made-out on the bus.
I'm so not lying.

Thas it!